Once a person becomes embroiled in a “controversial thread”, 99% if not 100% of the participants go onto each other’s profiles to see where they work and what they do. Even if you don’t list your information, your name remains in their memory.

We all see the rants and naming and shaming in the groups. Do you get involved in it? Or do you scroll past and choose peace. Do you add positively and helpfully? Do you have the will power to “walk away”?

Ask yourself, would you say what you want to comment, to the person’s face, or has social media created “keyboard warriors”, happy to hide behind a screen and be disrespectful?

Now, if your Profile is “Public” i.e. no restrictive settings to non-friends, they can see your whole profile, what you share etc. You get the point, they are getting a feel for the sort of person you are.

DO NOT BE MISTAKEN, people DEFINITELY DO discuss Facebook topics at their braai’s, social gatherings. “Did you see what that woman / man said on so and so group?”  “Yes” will answer the friend, and so the conversation begins. This can either MAKE OR BREAK your business.

I was asked a few years back to start a post of a “friend’s” (yes, you learn who they really are) daughter being bullied in real life, in a public group because all concerned was part of the group. Absolutely NOT. I had no idea what the issue was, who’s opinion was what etc. and why can he not do it himself. “There’s the door, bye bye”. I’m not putting my reputation on the line for someone who doesn’t have the guts to do it himself. And yes, he was no longer my supplier shortly after that.

Two of my client’s stories look like this:

They asked me to manage their Facebook for Business pages.

When I looked at the first ones, a gas supplier and installer, I rolled over laughing. He had a cartoon figure letting off bowel gas as his profile picture.

I asked him if he was willing to go Professional. “Of course”, he agreed. He handed over the reigns to me, and within six months, he couldn’t keep up with the demand.  I also had to have a serious chat with him about his participation in public groups. He had to:

  1. Cut out the sarcastic humour.
  2. Cut out the reference to alcohol solving problems.
  3. Stop engaging in pointless arguments.
  4. Offer professional advice.
  5. Maintain 200% customer satisfaction on his side, so he will only get raving reviews.

And so on and so on. No, I’m not giving it all away here 😉 

He had to clean up his professional image to the public.

My second client hired me for a few months, a few years ago, then just stopped. He phoned me at the beginning of this year, Pre-COVID19, so THAT was a good thing, and said “Natalie, I need you back. Business has dropped. No one is doing what you do for my Company.”

  1. Yes, I hound him for pictures continuously.
  2. I remind him of his payment dates.
  3. I respond to the inboxes as he is on sites all day.
  4. We had a chat a while back when he commented on a public post what the obvious solution was. Yes, people ask all sorts of things, it’s a 2 minute time period to post a comment, but at what personal cost?

STOP and THINK before randomly commenting to what your perception of the post is. YOU WILL BE “CHECKED OUT”, IT WILL BE DISCUSSED privately or / and publicly.

Are you taking regular breaks from your phone? Social media has become addictive. Are you getting out in nature, walking, engaging with another human being in person? It is VITAL to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Natalie Truran – natalie@dailybusiness.co.za

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